When looking for the perfect partner for your next app development project, you may be wondering where you should start, as there are many options. First things first, if you are debating between hiring an agency and a freelancer, read this. Next, here are 5 critical things you should be looking for to get the best results: 

1. Innovative Technology

Technology is advancing every day. For example, AI and blockchain are coming into their own and are opening a whole new world of possibilities. When building an app, taking advantage of the latest innovations enables you to expand its functionality, elongate its relevance, and gain a competitive advantage. However, to achieve these things, you’ll need a development partner that doesn’t shy away from new technology.

Action Steps: To find out how innovative an agency is, ask them which technologies they incorporate into apps and if they have any new features they recommend. Also, look for case studies (like this, this, and this) to see how their products meet the evolving needs of various industries. 

2. People-Centric Focus

While tech is certainly a key factor in a successful app, it’s equally important to gracefully serve the needs of the people you are targeting. When a developer is too focused on the tech side, they can easily lose sight of how certain factors are going to negatively impact the user experience. 

Action Steps: To avoid this pitfall, you need a partner that listens to you, understands your target audience, and treats your project with care (not just like another transaction). Look for signs that the agency makes decisions and builds systems based on the people that will use them (i.e., asking detailed questions about your target audience, speaking of the importance of people in their work process, etc.).

3. Results-Oriented

The “why” behind the app is where your return on investment lies. Being so, your partner should be focused on delivering the results you need through a great product. Further, they should be able to incorporate a way to show you your results. For example, they could offer data visualizations that track app adoption, usage, or sales.

Action Steps: Look for a developer that shows a keen interest in your desired result and offers up solutions that help you track and achieve it.

4. Exquisite Design

Of course, we can’t forget about the quality of the design. In fact, time and time again, companies with good design outperform companies with bad design, so this is key to your success.

You need a team that understands design principles and has a track record of creating beautiful products. Further, they need to properly represent the brand and connect with the audience. The app’s functionality should be seamless, while the interface should be attractive and engaging. 

Action Steps: Review a company’s past work and awards they have won for design.

5. Social Proof

Lastly, a company can seem great but the proof is in the final product and what past clients say about it.

Action Steps: Look for testimonials and reviews. You may even want to ask for references you can interview. Further, look through the work portfolio and case studies to see if the work and reviews match up with a brand’s messaging.

The Total Package

In summary, here’s what to look for when hiring an app development partner:

  • Innovative technology
  • People-centric focus
  • Results-oriented
  • Exquisite design
  • Social proof

If an app development partner delivers in all of these areas, they will likely be a good choice for your next project. At Brightscout, these factors form our founding principles. Our team is passionate about technology and is always keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s developing. At the same time, we love the design aspect and ensure that each one of our products offers seamless functionality while being aesthetically attractive.

We also put our clients first. In all honesty, app developers kind of have a reputation for being introverted, but we break that mold. We love working closely with our clients, building relationships, and eliminating the us/them barrier. From the concept to the end result, we deliver the total package. Check out our work here and several case studies on our blog here.

If you have a project in the pipeline, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you, learn about your ideas, and help you bring them to life.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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