The Serbia office will serve as an extension of the brand and technology services Brightscout offers in the United States.

May 27th, 2022. Belgrade, Serbia: Brightscout, a leading Brand and Innovation studio for high-tech companies, is proud to announce the official opening of its brand new office in Belgrade, Serbia. The new Serbian office will serve as an extension of the Brightscout brand to provide the world-class design and innovation services it already offers in the United States to its customers in eastern and southeast Europe.

Brightscout is on a mission to transform how modern businesses are run worldwide. The new Serbian office is a worthy investment for the company to have a greater reach and capacity to serve its clients in Europe as well as open the door to new ones.

In opening a branch in this location, Brightscout also seeks to tap on the talent and market potential of the region to build its universal infrastructure of elite designers, strategists and engineers. The company looks to hire local talent within Belgrade to contribute to developing its global business approach. It also aims to grow its client base and influence in the region and leverage new exciting partnerships to grow its brand and products.

Targeting Local Talent to Develop Business Technology Products

One of the top reasons Brightscout has grown from a small company with a handful of employees in Austin, Texas, to a global shaper of business is how the company approaches its product development. Brightscout is founded on the premise that business products must, above all, be agile enough to adapt to market dynamics. It takes finding the right talent and passion for putting together a team of technologists and idea-makers who can understand these challenges from diverse perspectives.

“We have our eyes set on the local talent we can tap to develop client-centric products for the critical region between Europe and Asia,” Brightscout Cofounder, Charles Haggas said during the Belgrade office launch event. “Although we already provide high-valued and sought-after business technology services, we want to expand to new regions to cater to the needs of new and diverse clients.”

Its new talent will help it shape its current products for the global marketplace businesses and research and develop future products for the new markets.

Brightscout is positioning itself among the first US-based companies to fully venture into the Serbian market with the intention to establish roots in the region. Considering its rich market experience and success in the competitive American market, Brightscout is well-prepared to unleash its technologists and employ new talents and idea-makers to refine its product line.

Since the client is most important to Brightscout, it aims to scale some of its successful products, which already feature endless customization options. One of its most notable strengths is that Brightscout has the experience to develop software products designed from the ground up to meet client needs. With the new talent, it will not be a new thing for the company’s seasoned designers, researchers, and developers to understand their new client needs and to innovate new products and features for the market.

Same Popular Brand and Exciting Products

Brightscout’s existing clients describe the company as an innovative new-age technology company driven by design and served by technology. Considering the competitive nature of the current marketplace, it is no surprise that the company attracts the most forward-looking businesses that value technology. In addition, its focus on designing, building, and scaling beautiful digital products conforms well to every business’ idea of efficient technology.

Brightscout offers a range of must-have technology services grouped into three: Strategy, Design, and Implementation.


These include design, market, and user research, consumer experience, brand strategy, and product and technology services.


Services include branding, design systems, user experience review, visual design, illustrations, and content production.


Covers web and mobile development, systems integration, data science and analytics, cloud services and cloud migration, and DevOps.

As it launches a Serbian office, Brightscout is on the frontlines to bring locally-researched, designed, and built agile technology products for businesses. Clients in the region will have a world-class product team ready to listen to their business challenges and get professional advice on how the market leaders in the industry do it in the United States.

Brightscout’s business analysts are among the most valuable members of the team. They take the time to listen to existing and potential clients and partners first to understand their needs. They will then take the time to research and consult with the client and other industry professionals to find effective possible solutions. At the end of the consultation, the client will have a broader understanding of workable solutions to choose one that best suits their brand and meets their requirements.


Expanding the South East Europe Client Base

Brightscout believes that innovative technology is only transformative when thoughtfully and accessibly implemented. For this reason, many business technology ideas and solutions that have worked well in North America have not found a home in Europe, particularly in the southeast. Brightscout’s list of proven services, including product design, app development, data analysis, and digital strategizing, have little competition in the new market largely because they use a completely different approach to meet user needs.

Unlike other companies that only build a product or software to meet a client’s immediate challenges, Brightscout goes a step further. The company researches deep in context and time to design and build products that exceed customer expectations. As a result, a product service developed by the company is considered incomplete until it is thoroughly user-tested and found to be delightful and intuitive. To achieve this, the company expends considerable time, effort, and money to ensure they use the latest tools and research and development methods.

Brightscout will be implementing its proven Simple Pricing formula that clients in North America love when it rolls out its services in Serbia.

Brightscout’s pricing is categorized into two: Flexible Retainer and Fixed Cost.

  • The Retainer Program is ideal for existing clients with multiple ongoing and long-term outsourcing requirements. In this payment plan, the client gets access to dedicated resources depending on the backlog of their tasks or their planned roadmap.
  • As the name hints, the Fixed cost pricing is charged based on a fixed timeline and detailed specifications needed by the client.

Brightscout has researched the market and found the local technology marketplace plagued with untrusted and unclear payment plans for technology services. Their straightforward pricing is purposefully structured for simplicity so that the client knows the value they are paying for and never have to worry about upcoming subscription costs.

Brightscout Areas of Expertise Coming to Serbia

While it is a budding five-year-old company, Brightscout is led by a team of enterprise software veterans. This trusted expert team had worked most of their lives in business technology disciplines, including project management, network and system administration, DevOps, product design, cyber security, and development. Their experience with the most complex challenges and their controversial solutions have shaped the company into what it is today. However, their tech verticals and problem-solving approaches are proven, and they are ready to bring it to Southeast Europe.

The new Brightscout Serbian office aims to use the expertise of the company’s founders to reach a wider client base and to influence new team members joining Belgrade. The company welcomes every new talent’s unique perspective and personality and aims to use it to serve current and future clients. The company has a target to grow its team of experts to span the 24 time zones – from Silicon Valley to Stockholm, Belgrade to Kuala Lumpur.

The opening of a new Brightscout office in Belgrade is Brightscout’s ongoing effort to grow its global business. The company is establishing itself as a world leader in business-transforming technology services by opening offices in growing global markets over the next half-decade to better further its business interests, client base, and partners.

About Brightscout

Brightscout was founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas, where it is presently headquartered. The company was founded as a business technology solutions provider catering to small businesses looking to transform their ways of doing business to cut costs, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability. Over the years, these solutions have evolved into various innovative business-focused products built without any barriers that limit an end user’s capacity to use and innovate how they use a software tool.

Brightscout boasts of a multi-design design team who have gotten particularly good in the specialization. They provide product management services that simplify and implement complex ideas and feature an engineering team who takes pride in building new products and fixing existing ones. In addition, its business strategy and data analysis tools use the latest tools in the market to ensure the company provides lasting solutions to current problems.

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