Unleash the Power of the Blockchain

Remember the bad old days: when your data was unsecure on a centralized ledgar. We engineered Brightscout to let your business start building on the blockchain and build on scale.

technology with a vision

No matter how good the idea sounds or how confident our client is, we put the app through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and streamlining the idea along the way.

Once we’ve properly reviewed an idea, it’s time for our builder bees to get to work. From designing a logo and brand identity through development and launch, our in-house specialists spring into action.

Built to Do Business

Good Ideas, Deserve Perfect Execution

Sure, we have a great product development process but more importantly we understand that we’re only as good as our team and our training. At Brightscout we take immense pride in hiring only the best and building a hive of innovation and sharing of ideas. These efforts lead to a flawless execution of your product strategy.

Idea Validation
Strategy Roadmapping
Product Development
Product Launch

Problem Solvers

Build game changing apps

Smart Contracts

Empower users with contracts written in code and bounded by immutable logic.


Unleash resources and create opportunity with your own custom branded digital tokens.

Blockchain Development

Implement the various capabilities of blockchain in numerous verticals.


Advance cross-industry blockchain technologies with the open-source blockchain community.

Supply Chain

Eliminate the friction and tackle funding delays with an end-to-end cash-flow solution.

Smart Wallets

Elevate the purchasing experience with deep data insights directly in the sales channel.


Crowdfunding just got more secure with transactions blocked by the blockchain.


Disrupt traditional financial institutions with innovative blockchain technology.

Custom App Type

Have a new innovative idea for a blockchain app nobody has thought of? Sounds like our thing!


Featured Teams

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some awesome teams around the world.