Brand Strategy

Just as a buyer persona helps you obtain a clear, specific picture of your customer, the expression of a clear, consistent brand gives prospective buyers a firm idea of who you are, what you stand for, and how your products make people’s lives better. Here at Brightscout, we can build a brand strategy for your company that helps you define and maintain your distinctive look, feel and voice for your marketing campaign and product lines.

People Buy Brands

Telling Your Story Through an Effective Brand Strategy

What is your brand? It’s the summation of everything your target audience perceives about you from your products, services, public statements, customer interactions and marketing efforts. Turning all of these perceptions in the same direction produces a consistent brand in the minds of consumers – and to achieve that result, you need a brand strategy.

Brightscout can help you define your brand’s culture (how it’s perceived both from within and from without), its customer base, the voice it uses to express itself, the feeling it conveys, its impact on users’ lives, and that all-important “X-Factor” that makes it both exciting and unique. Once we have defined your brand, we can provide it with the necessary identity and positioning. From value propositions and taglines to an effective messaging architecture, we can help you establish and express your set of core values, goals and activities.

Why Choose Brand Strategy with Brightscout?

Brand Blueprint

A discovery process that brings your brand’s basic definition vividly to life.

Brand Identity

A codified set of values, rules, and messaging to ensure brand consistency.

Messaging Architecture

A strategic architecture for making sure your brand resonates with your target market.

Brand Execution

Creation of the necessary tools and guidelines for your everyday branding efforts.


Helping Your Brand Establish Market Share

A strategy is just an abstract idea unless it includes a plan of action. Brightscout can put together the tools, brand guidelines, and content you’ll need to make your brand a strong, relevant, active statement.

We Answer Questions Like:
  • How do we visualize your core DNA?
  • How do we create irrational loyalty?
  • How does Client make itself indispensable?
  • What is Client’s unique role and relevance in the marketplace, and how do we make that sustainable?
  • How does Client build emotional bonds?
  • What societal, cultural and personal values does Client address for audiences?
  • What kind of “ah-hah’s” can we find that will create differentiated and sustainable presence for Client?

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The Brightscout team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile & web projects. From full-pr    oject engagements to à la carte services, we help our clients launch the best projects possible.


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Brightscout provides teams across diverse industries with the tools and insights they need to innovate. Use technology and design to capture value for your customers, drive growth and solve meaningful problems.

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