Consumer Experience Strategy

Nearly three-quarters of all senior executives see a link between customer experience and customer loyalty – but research indicates that less than half of all companies actually provide a positive customer experience. If you want to make the right impact on your target market and keep your customers interested in your products and organization, you need to plan for that success.

Create Irrational Loyalty

A Customized Consumer Experience Strategy to Help You Build Loyalty

Brightscout can help by working out a detailed, logical, effective customer experience (CX) strategy for your overall brand or current project. This process begins with our initial discovery interview. As we collect information about your overall vision for your brand or product, we also develop an understanding of your specific industry and customer base. We also make use of the buyer personas we derive from our user research to develop a clear image of your customers’ likes, dislikes and previous experiences.

Once we understand what kind of experience your customers desire, we can create a strategy to help you deliver that experience. For instance, we may recommend training in specific areas to help your employees resolve customer issues, answer questions and close sales. We may recommend specific changes to your website to enhance its user-friendliness and compel customer responses. Our team can also create customer feedback mechanisms to help you recognize any concerns or objections that may come up with your brand or product.

Why Choose Customer Experience Strategy with Brightscout?

An Intelligent Start

A comprehensive understanding of your industry, brand, and customers.

Cumulative Research

A powerful combination of design research, market research and user research.

Practical Tactics

A step-by-step plan for optimizing your website, products, and employee knowledge.

Ongoing Adjustments

Incremental course corrections as needed, based on customer and employee feedback.


Refining ROI From Your Customer Experience Strategy

A top-class customer experience is always a work in progress. Here at Brightscout, we understand the need to keep refining and remodeling your customer experience strategy. We do this by helping you collect customer and employee feedback on a continuing basis.

Our team crafts an actionable roadmap based on user feedback and research to help you build delightful user experiences across your products and marketing touch points.


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The Brightscout team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile & web projects. From full-pr    oject engagements to à la carte services, we help our clients launch the best projects possible.


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Brightscout provides teams across diverse industries with the tools and insights they need to innovate. Use technology and design to capture value for your customers, drive growth and solve meaningful problems.

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