Illustration Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This old saying carries a lot of weight in the world of digital design for websites, mobile apps and software products. Getting your point across through images can often increase your user’s comprehension speed and response times, resulting in a humanizing environment and a happier user experience. 

Illustration & Icon Design

The Power and Speed of Assistive Images

Why might you express certain ideas and instructions in pictures instead of words? The average viewer can process an image and comprehend its meaning in a total of 250 microseconds — much faster than the average text-processing speed. The more quickly and efficiently you can convey your meaning, the easier is it for users to navigate your site or app. This benefit is especially useful for the crucial onboarding steps such as setup wizards and “Let’s Get Started” screens. Symbolic objects or cartoon figures can point the way through processes and facilitate instant understanding. Maps are another example of how illustrations help users through countless digital environments.

Brightscout understands how why, and where illustrations should be used to enhance your project’s attractiveness and ease of use. We may recommend the placement of strong, obvious metaphors right from the opening screens so you can strike the right tone with your user from the very beginning of the user’s journey. Our illustrators can custom-design object icons, award badges, directional markers, cartoon figures and other designs to lead your user through a smooth, streamlined experience. We can also recommend the use and positions of embedded maps if your project includes location-finding elements.

Why Choose Brightscout Illustration Design?

Speedier Communications

Near-instant processing and comprehension of information through the use of images.

A Strong Introduction

Illustrations that set the tone and style for your project right from the opening screen.

Helpful Guideposts

Pictures that point the way so your users can take the right actions for the desired results.

Entertainment Value

The addition of a welcoming, helpful, friendly atmosphere that enhances the user experience.


Don’t Forget the Fun Factor

Illustrations don’t just improve the usability of your site or app; they can also help put the “fun” in “function.” Users may feel reassured by the presence of a friendly illustration who guides them through the digital landscape, while the presence of cute or stylish illustrations elsewhere in the project makes that landscape seem brighter, cheerier and less intimidating.

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