Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails provides a solution that makes the programming process simple, fast, readable and productive, with code that’s easy to test and maintain. For developers of many of the world’s most famous web apps and platforms, Ruby on Rails does a terrific job of providing all of these qualities — and Brightscout can incorporate its benefits into your development stack.

Ruby on Rails Development

A Uniquely Adaptable Web Application Framework

Ruby on Rails (common referred to simply as Rails) is an open-source, object-oriented web application framework built on a programming language called Ruby. This object-oriented approach simplifies coding, producing more predictable results with less effort. One key to Ruby’s success is its reliance on an enormous number of code libraries, or “gems,” that enable programmers to drop ready-made chunks of code into a program as needed instead of hand-coding everything from scratch or “re-inventing the wheel” by duplicating lines of code unnecessarily. As a result, Rails makes it easy to create new web apps out of prefabricated solutions for commonly-used features such as tables, forms and menus.

Brightscout’s experienced web app development team knows how to put Rails through its paces for maximum effect. Our team follows established Rails programming best practices, or conventions, to ensure optimal consistency and clear, simple communications among coders. These conventions, combined with the streamlining permitted by the code libraries, results in clear, clean, easy-to-troubleshoot code. These benefits help us develop and prototype your web app as quickly and accurately as possible.

Why Choose Brightscout Ruby on Rails Development?

The Simplicity of Libraries

Simple, fast programming that relies on libraries of pre-built coding solutions.


A clearer, easier programming language that makes it easier to visualize the results.

Established Conventions

Best practices to promote greater consistency and easier programmer communication.

A Reliable Performer

A programming framework that allows for easy maintenance and great reliability.


Low Maintenance & High Performance

Rails’ simplicity and elegance makes it exceptionally easy to maintain, even with the work distributed among multiple collaborators. This means that you’ can enjoy more “uptime” and trouble-free performance from your app. Let Brightscout show why why companies from Hulu to Twitter love this web application framework!

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