UX Review

Whether you’re building a brand-new website or developing your next revolutionary mobile app, you have to know whether your work will actually provide users with the experience you hope to give them. You also have to know whether your product is a good fit, both for the market and for your own goals. That’s where an expert UX review comes to your rescue – and Brightscout can conduct it for you.

what do your customers think?

A Critical Analysis of User Experience and Behavior

A UX (user experience) review is a comprehensive examination of the usability of your brand’s website or digital product. It’s an evaluation to determine how well the design adheres with certain heuristics, or basic rules of thumb, regarding user behaviors and market expectations. You could conduct extensive user research to gain this knowledge, but connecting with users can be a frustrating, costly, time-consuming process. Brightscout’s UX experts can run through product or site through its paces much more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Design sprints play an important role in the Brightscout UX review process. Originally developed by Google for its internal teams, this methodology combines the most effective qualities of various UX review practices into a flexible framework. A design sprint can compress the entire UX review process into a productive 5-day cycle of testing design ideas, hypotheses, and prototypes. Our UX reviews can evaluate how intuitive, appealing, simple and easy to understand your product or website’s interface and content are for your intended users.

Why Choose Brightscout UX Review?

Critical Information

A precise understanding of your project’s current degree of usability and market-readiness.

Speed and Efficiency

A much faster and more efficient UX review process than traditional methods permit.

Design Sprints

A 5-day methodology for testing a wide range of user experience factors and solutions.


A professional UX assessment that includes recommendations for any necessary fixes.

tailored analysis

Professional Reports and Recommendations to Improve the User Experience

If our UX review reveals certain inconsistencies, reliability issues or other frustrations in your website or product design, rest assured that Brightscout can help you find the solutions. We present you with a detailed report that assesses your UX situation and makes specific recommendations for improvements.

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The Brightscout team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile & web projects. From full-pr    oject engagements to à la carte services, we help our clients launch the best projects possible.


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Brightscout provides teams across diverse industries with the tools and insights they need to innovate. Use technology and design to capture value for your customers, drive growth and solve meaningful problems.

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From small businesses to innovative enterprise companies, Brightscout transforms innovation through design and technology product teams.

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