With the advent of new technology and creative ideas, logo design is no longer just a static visual but also an evolving piece of design.

Here, we have compiled a list of Lettermark Logos that are not just cool logos but also are great pieces of modern art.

1. Forward Majority

2. Jodrell Bank

3. Camp

4. Angi

5. Papier

6. Park Lane

7. New York City

8. Mykins Woodworks

9. Thread 

10. Bell Finvest

11. Motion

12. First Fruits

13. Hering Foundation

14. Dadafunk

15. Fish

Ultimately, good logos should embody a wide range of characteristics. From modern to traditional, business to personal, lettermark logos are a creative and sometimes difficult choice for logo designers. This list is a great place to start your search for lettermark logo design inspiration, whether it’s your first lettermark logo or one that you would like updated with new technologies. Of course, if you’d like to bypass creating your own logo and have an expert do the heavy lifting for you. Schedule a consultation with us today!