Teamwork, Smarter.

We deliver solutions that unite teams and empower them to achieve extraordinary results.

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We Are Brightscout

At Brightscout, we believe open conversations + machine intelligence will enable the world's best companies to innovate faster, create better customer experiences, and outpace their competition. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the resources and expertise necessary to unlock the full potential of their workforce or customer communities. That’s where we come in.

workplace messaging

Unite and Collaborate

Put Mattermost’s open source, private-cloud Slack-alternative to work at enterprise-scale. Bring your teams and their tools together in one place, create alignment, and transform your organization into a collaborative, innovative, efficient force. From initial deployment to customizations, integrations, and ongoing managed services, we have you covered.

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intelligent bots

Leverage Automation

Your team has a lot on their plate. Enterprise automation and intelligent bot adoption will help lift the burden of tedious, repetitive tasks off of your teams shoulders. Free up resources, streamline processes, and create greater agility so your team can do what they do best and keep up with the pace of business.

Business Analytics

Empower with Insight

We understand that buried data loses its value if you are unable to understand and visualize it. Through beautiful dashboard, custom apps, and more, our team works with your business to deliver mission-critical data to stake holders to drive the advancement of your technology.

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Custom Development

Create What's Next

Our team of integrated product and business experts methodically work together to build the who, what, when and how of your project. Brightscout cross-functional teams are setup to produce meticulous work at a high velocity.