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We believe in doing great work with great people.

We take pride in hiring the best people. Our vetting process is rigorous because we want to build the future - not because it's simply what our clients expect. We're in the business of creating the next best thing.

Benefits of being a scout

The perks of being a Scout are the basis for how we work and act, so it’s only natural for the benefits we offer to be an extension of our values.

Life First

We don’t talk about work-life balance a lot because we believe life, health and family come first. We never ask anyone to work overtime and we encourage everyone to put down their devices when on  leave. Our leave policy is designed so you can take all the holiday you need to reboot and enjoy work.


Our everyday working style is underpinned by openness, teamwork, and a strong sense of community. The whole company meets up online once a month to share what each team is working on and understand how the business is performing overall.


Innovation and experimentation are an important part of life at Brightscout. Everyone can take lab days once every two weeks to work on passion projects that drive innovation at Brightscout.


Growing as a business is as important to us as growing as individuals. Your development is guided by our progression frameworks, continuous feedback and regular one-on-ones with your team lead.


You’re helping us grow, so we want to make sure you’re part of our business and our journey for the long term. We review your salary annually, and will set you up with equipment of your choice so you can work at your best.

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