2018 is an exciting time for web design. We are seeing many changes, including a break from the status quo. Practices that were once considered “web-safe” are no longer the only way. Further, advancing technology is increasing the creative freedom designers hold. Ready to see what’s new? Here are the top 10 trends in web design this year.

Illustration Takes Center Stage

Illustrations have come to the forefront of web design, helping to show the messages companies want to tell. They offer the unique benefit of being able to represent a diverse audience, while photographs can quickly make parties feel excluded and think, “That’s not for me.”


Further, bespoke illustrations can be created to specifically match a company’s tone and personality. They can help you stand out from your competition while adding an element of fun to your website.

Consider how illustrations can make your website more approachable and bring abstract concepts into vivid life in the coming year.


Borderless design offers an alternative to the traditional approach where pages are broken up using various background colors and full-width images. Instead, a single background color stretches from the top to the bottom of the page and creates a seamless look.

When using this design, the eye is guided down the page without any breaks. This works very well with responsive design because you don’t have to worry about any background elements.

If you would like a clean and elegant feel to a web page, give borderless design a try.

Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations are all over the web, and for good reason. They offer a unique perspective which communicates concepts and ideas easily.

These illustrations visually represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, which makes them great for technical illustrations, retro-inspired design, and city scenes.

By integrating isometric illustrations into web design, you can help visitors more easily understand product functionality, can show depth, and create a more visually-appealing page.

Bright and Brilliant

Color is a beautiful thing, and this year, you will continue to see designers get more adventurous with the bright and brilliant shades they decide to use.

Advances in technology have resulted in higher quality screen displays, such as smartphones with QHD resolutions, which are capable of displaying increasingly vibrant colors.

These brighter colors can be used to instantly attract attention and differentiate a website from its competitors. Further, they give you more freedom in the creation process.

Big Shadows

Next up is big shadows. While shadows have been around for awhile, we are seeing them being used more and more. They can make an element more interesting while also creating an emphasis.

The flat design of the past is being left behind, as designers use depth to create the illusion of a world beyond the screen.

Broken Grid

Broken grid shakes up symmetrical layouts with an unconventional, asymmetrical alternative.

While the grid offers logic and harmony, it has become the status quo and is a bit constraining. The broken grid still uses concepts of the grid, but with some diversions. It allows images and text to enter into areas where the grid doesn’t and lets elements overlap and converge.     

The result is a page that still has order and flow but with a unique flair.

Text Heavy

Over the past few years, many designers have minimized the amount of text on websites in favor of graphical elements. However, we have discovered people don’t mind reading text if it tells a story and is easy on the eyes.

Well, that changes everything. Designers are now exploring custom fonts for headers and title text, and are using large text and spacing to turn words into art. Further, font weights and spacing are being used to create a rhythm to the text that guides the user throughout the narrative. Pages are being entirely composed of text with fewer visual graphics to compliment them.

Instead of fearing too much text, you’ll see more designers letting the typography tell more of the story.

Oblong Shapes

Sharp-edged cards with right angles have dominated web and mobile design for the past few years (Windows UI comes to mind).

But now we are seeing softer shapes with rounded corners and, notably, oblong shapes which have a cartoonish feel to them.

In 2018, will continue to move toward softer, organic shapes with curved lines.

Animated SVG

Animated SVG enables a new way to engage visitors when they visit a page. It can catch the eye of users, create a focal point or emphasize an element, and make your page more interesting.

Where does animated SVG work best? Try it to engage users while a page is loading or to show how something works.

It allows your visitors to put themselves in the shoes of your customer, creating more meaningful interactions.

Embedded Video

Lastly, video, of course! In case you haven’t noticed, video is a trend still dominating the online world. It’s no secret people prefer to watch videos and faster internet connections have made them more practical for websites.

Through video, brands can effectively communicate a wealth of information within a small space and a short amount of time. Further, incorporating video into web designs can engage visitors, help to increase visitor’s time on page, and assist in driving action.

We will continue to see video permeate web design in the coming year.

Wrapping it All up

While this is a pretty comprehensive list of web design trends there were plenty that went unmentioned. The subtleties between design styles can often be small. Even as you browsed through these examples, I’m sure you saw different styles mixed and used together. Creativity can’t be constrained. Design, build, mix and match and build a design style that is all your own.

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