It’s no secret reviews provide invaluable insights for potential clients when searching for design partners. We’re big fans of honest feedback – as it’s the best way to continually improve year over year.

All these efforts are beginning to see results as we’ve recently earned our first review on the Clutch platform.

The client, Grouped, was developing a social networking app and they needed a new logo and style guide for their overall brand. Our team prepared several variations based on the messaging they wanted to deliver and their target audience.

After the client decided on the final logo design, we went ahead and created a collection of assets that incorporated the logo, colors, and other design elements. All of which were created based on the guidelines provided by the client.

Our team took these directives to heart as we needed to make the best impression possible, and the fastest way to do that was getting as much of the project right on the first try. This effort seems to work as it resulted in this great review with a good score.

This is a notable project in more ways than one because it’s allowed our inclusion in the top 100 UX Designers list of another B2B platform – Top Design Firms. This puts our team in a great position coming into 2022 and will give us great leverage for new projects as the months unfold.

We hope that this review is the starting point for a new lead stream for us and that we meet many new clients because of it. Our team will ensure that they get whatever it is they need for their company to overcome their current obstacles and grow in a sustainable way.

Design is just one of the many services and tools we offer for our clients. The team itself may be young, but each individual member brings years of experience and expertise that will surely benefit anyone who has them in their corner.

Learn more about the rest of the things you can get when you choose us as a partner by exploring our website. Do you have more questions? Talk to us, and we’ll guide you through WordPress plug-ins and help you get the most from your site.