The construction industry currently has low levels of automation. Investments in the segment are in the ballpark of $3.5 billion, but the industry isn’t anywhere near its full potential. The consequences for business can be costly. According to Cognizant, robotic automation increases productivity by 50% while requiring 72% fewer resources. So what are companies waiting for? Possibly an easy, well-tested entrance point.

One opportunity to implement automation is by adopting autonomous drones. Sound intimidating? Well, what if there was an intelligent drone platform that could autonomously fly various sites and flight patterns to collect data for construction and infrastructure projects? One that made it simple and easy.

Imagine how that could re-engineer your operations.

Monitor critical mission data while onsite. Note the user can turn on and off flight recording and switch between map view and camera view.

A User-Friendly, Intelligent Drone Platform

The Brightscout team has envisioned a user-friendly, intelligent drone platform that enables companies to seamlessly integrate drone technology into their workflow. Through a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to find a drone pilot, run missions, and gather data.

Find a drone operator in your area and see what others have to say. Once you find someone perfect for the job you can easily contact them with the quick contact actions on the screen.

Here’s how the concept works:

  1. Login to ensure the security of your data.
  2. Easily find a drone pilot for your project. View pilot profiles and stats to find the right fit and skill level for your organization.
  3. Check Drone health stats before a flight.
  4. Start and stop the flight from a smart watch.
  5. View mission-critical information to ensure safe flights.
  6. View a web dashboard that displays all the data you collect.

The experience is similar to Uber but for hiring a drone. You simply find the right drone pilot for your organization in the app, hire them, and they will bring the drone. Then, plan the path you would like it to fly with the pilot, and all that’s left to do is press start and wait for your data.

Why Drones?

What can a drone do for your construction or infrastructure business? The key is in the equipment attached to the drone which can include:

  • High-resolution cameras to collect footage from current or potential project sites
  • Specialized viewers which enable you to see fine details
  • Other devices such as infrared filters or special sensors that detect gas leaks; providing multi-layered data

This equipment enables drones to capture data which is seamlessly organized, put in context, and delivered to all relevant parties. The data is then instantly useful to organizations, and can also be used to improve AI, machine learning, and augmented intelligence.

Wow! Look at this sexy dashboard of project data. The user can view waypoints and important mission metrics.

Businesses can decide how frequently they want to perform an inspection, whether that be multiple times per day, weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule. Further, they can choose when they want an inspection to start and stop.

After collecting the desired data, it becomes viewable on a dashboard where you can inspect it, look more closely at areas of interest, and share it with others involved in the project. This streamlines tracking progress on a project, or creating a project proposal.

The Autonomous Factor

Autonomous technology can effectively take tasks off the plate of your organization. With programming, drones can complete mission plans with precision, making self-corrections, compensating for environmental conditions, and accurately adhering to the mission plan. It has been said that autonomous operation is even safer than a human manually operating the aircraft.

Need to go to the truck to get something while the flight is in progress? Control the drone no matter where you are with this wearable app option.

The Benefits of Implementing Autonomous Drones

There is a growing list of the ways that this technology benefits businesses, but here are some of the most significant:

  • Cut costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate the risks of human inspections
  • Enable quick visual inspections
  • Equip drones with specialized technology (when advantageous)
  • Access a multitude of data about projects
  • Improve collaboration amongst all project stakeholders
  • Increase transparency in project progress
  • Avoid disputes
  • Resolve claims quickly
  • Increase employee safety
  • Increase revenue
  • Gain an advantage over competitors
  • Access predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Secured access to information
  • 100% repeatable missions
  • Request the visuals you want to see
  • Empowers companies to provide better services and results

The ability to track and manage projects from anywhere, at any time, opens up a new realm of possibilities for companies. It empowers enterprises to provide a higher caliber of service, to obtain better results, and to increase safety and transparency.

Why Does This Matter?

Step into the shoes of a client for a moment. If you wanted to start a construction project, would you prefer to work with a company that used innovative technology to enhance their service? A company that could send you high-definition visual updates on the project at any frequency you desire? Of course! There need not be any disconnect between stakeholders and project managers any longer. This technology will bring all involved parties onto the same page simply enabling more work to get done with higher quality and lower costs.

By embracing the opportunities created by improving technology, enterprises can reap many benefits for themselves and their customers. Further, companies at the forefront of adoption and integration, will gain a significant competitive advantage over those that lag behind.

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