The Concept of Personal Identity Management

An increasing amount of data has been created over the past decade (we now generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes per day!), and Americans have developed a growing concern regarding:

  • What data is being collected
  • Who is collecting it
  • How it’s being used
  • And if there is something of value being provided in return

The concern is amplified by the various security breaches that have recently left a large number of people as the victims of identity and personal data theft.

Enter Personal Identity Management, the concept of individuals using technology products to take control over their data so they can choose how to manage, use, and share it with other individuals or organizations.

Imagine yourself in full control of your personal data. Whether you are browsing the web or visiting the doctor, all your information will be stored in one place; a secure, centralized repository. This empowering technology has arrived, and one of the most impactful realms for its application is the realm of healthcare.

The Future of Identity Management in Health Care

A survey shows around 86% of the mistakes in healthcare are administrative, and around 30% of patient charts go missing every year. Further, a 2013 study from the Journal of Patient Safety estimated that over 400,000 premature deaths occur each year due to preventable harm that is caused to patients in hospitals. Beyond that, 10 to 20 times that amount of patients are seriously harmed, but not lethally, in hospitals due to the same type of errors. The solution? The study says, Fully engaging patients and their advocates during hospital care.”


Imagine your health in your pocket; all your records, fitness details, and contacts on one single platform. A world without hundreds of pieces of paper where you can:

  • View your blood pressure or find out if you’re allergic to a certain food
  • Receive a seamless referral to a specialist doctor
  • Review all your reports from the lab right in your phone
  • Quickly grant a doctor access to your records and speed up the diagnosis and treatment process
  • Never worry about lost records, filling out forms, or digging through cabinets

You can own and control your medical records and information, so you don’t have to rely on your care provider. Sound like a lot of pressure?

What if an intelligent AI was there to help? One that could keep constant track of your health, and diagnose problems before they occur? And what if they could send messages recommending behavior changes that will improve your health? How much could you save on medical costs, doctor visits, and sick days?

With the technology available today, we have built an entire ecosystem just for health management. You can access it from wherever you are and rest assured knowing your data is only shared with your permission.

Concerns About Security and Human Connection

Key Players

With big-time players like Centrify, Okta, One login, and others already in the market trying to revolutionize healthcare with their IDaaS solutions, there are already a few areas of concern. Beyond all the technology, people still demand the human connection with their doctors or physicians. Further, they also fear their information won’t be safe, and for good reason.

The black market for medical identity theft is more valuable than any other black market in the US. 91% of healthcare institutions have cloud-based services, yet 47% are not confident about the security of the data. Additionally, 40% of US healthcare organizations do not have two-factor authentication implemented. This is a problem.

A new solution is needed!

A New Health Management Platform


The answer is in a platform which enables people to connect and interact. One with AI support that is there when you need it to do things for you or to share its knowledge from third-party sources. Moreover, one where all the data you provide is safe with dual encryption, which ONLY you can open and share.


This new platform will keep all of your details on one easy-to-manage page, like a social profile, but containing your health details. You can input them yourself or import them from another source.

PROFILE: Profile view contains mainly two major parts: Details about the user or patient and the ability to share your details with any third party i.e., hospitals, doctors or any third party application.

Then, the power to share is in your hands. You can scan the QR code, share the OTP, and seamlessly share details with your doctor or a hospital. You can also share your details with a third-party to improve their database and AI intelligence. Every detail you choose to share makes the AI more powerful and intelligent.   


No more wasted use of pens and papers, no more cabinets full of files, all your health history will be available in just one tap. Gain the advantage of having all the details right on your mobile device and let the paper records become history; they weren’t environmentally-friendly or efficient anyway.

HEALTH RECORDS: It contains all your health records. Upload your old papers and get the new ones just by sharing your profile with the hospital or lab.


The app can also be your personal fitness tracker and scheduler. See updates about your vitals which enable you to act according to what is best for you. Get tracked by the AI system to reach a fitter you.

FITNESS: Know your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and all of your fitness progress and plans.


Healthcare revolves around human interactions as it helps patients to feel more comfortable and secure. With this app, there is no need to search to get an appointment to talk to a doctor. In case of an emergency, send an SOS message to your physician or nearest trauma center. Now with this transformation in healthcare technology, your health needs can be answered with one touch by a professional you trust.

CONTACTS: Get connected with all doctors, trauma centers, and hospitals near you. Get referred or get in touch. Chat or call right from your living room.


With third-party access, your data is dual-encrypted and well-protected. It is only you who can select your data and give access to those you trust.

The user will be more empowered than ever to take control over their health. More importantly as third party applications and AI algorithms get smarter, the value add to the end user will increase exponentially over time. Turning what seemed to be a simple device application in to a resources that could be as robust as a personal hospital and full-time medical team for each user. Unlocking truly elite health care for everyone and not just the uber wealthy.

THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS: Allowing access for third parties, gives you an edge with any kind of sickness. With the help of AI, they will provide updates and help you stay fit.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

In many ways, the trust of the people has been broken. Our data has been used in many ways without our knowing consent and has become vulnerable to attacks. However, there is a silver lining. By retaking control of your data, ensuring it is secure, and only sharing it with third-parties that offer you direct value, there is great progress to be made. In healthcare, particularly, there is massive room for growth. An opportunity to keep closer tabs on your wellness with all your information in one place, the help of an AI, and one-touch access to a provider near you.  

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