Mattermost’s workplace messaging solution increases productivity by bringing people, conversations, and tools together in one place.

It can connect with hundreds of systems and 3rd party applications via methods such as private cloud open source integrations, incoming/outgoing webhooks, language-specific drivers, RESTful APIs, CFI, and Public Cloud Connectors.

The question is, which add-ons are the most useful?

Here we reveal our picks for the top 10 Mattermost integrations.

1. Puppet Module

Easily install Mattermost with this deployment solution. The module installs the Mattermost server, installs and configures a daemon (service) for Mattermost, and configures Mattermost according to the settings you provide. Afterward, you will need to configure SSL and SMTP email for Mattermost to make your system production-ready.  

2. Matterbridge

Matterbridge is a simple bridge between Mattermost and various clients like IRC, Slack, HipChat, Matrix, Steam, and more. It relays messages, supports private groups (on Slack and Mattermost), enables bridging the same bridges, supports multiple in and out bridges and gateways, edits and deletes messages across supporting bridges, and includes a REST API to read or post messages to bridges.

3. Giphy

Here you have a Giphy integrations service. It enables you to query Giphy by issuing commands in a Mattermost channel using Mattermost outgoing webhooks. When you do, you will receive an animation below the request in a posted message. It will be a non-deterministic result from the Giphy database that matches your keyword.

4. Hubot

Hubot, also known as “your friendly robot sidekick” is an automation tool created by GitHub that’s able to sync with chat services. This Hubot adapter connects to your Mattermost server which enables the bot to be invited to any channel like a normal user.  It then listens for commands and executes them.

5. Mattermost Bot

Next, is the chatbot for Mattermost. This bot is based on Mattermost WebSocket API, has a simple plugin mechanism, can handle messages simultaneously, and it will reconnect to Mattermost if your connection is lost. Further, it has Python3 support.

6. Mattermost Bot Sample

The Mattermost Bot Sample helps you to understand how to use the 4.0 GoDriver to interact with the Mattermost server. You will listen to events and dig through the code to see how it will respond to different messages. Further, you will log into the Mattermost server, create a channel, modify user attributes, and post a message to a channel.

7. Jira  

This webhook bridge translates Jira webhooks into those for Mattermost. The result? You can push data between the two.

Jira is one of the most popular issue-management tools, if not the most popular. It’s used by 75,000 customers in 122 countries for project management functions, issue tracking, and bug tracking.

8. Bitbucket  

Integrate Bitbucket through this bridge that will convert the Bitbucket webhook request so that Mattermost can properly interpret it.

Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service that is used mostly for code and code review. Its user base has grown to more than 6 million developers and 1 million teams.

9. Jenkins

Using this plugin, you can send build notifications from Jenkins to a self-hosted installation of Mattermost.

Jenkins is a continuous integration server that helps developers quickly find and resolve defects in their code. It also enables the automation of build testing.

10. PivotalTracker

Lastly, we chose the PivotalTracker integration service. It will post comments, along with news story and status changes to Mattermost’s incoming webhooks. The result is an easier integration of changes from Pivotal Tracker into your Mattermost instance.

PivotalTracker is a project planning tool made to help software development teams realistically predict project timelines.

There you have it, our top 10 recommended Mattermost integrations.

To browse a wider selection of integrations, check out Zapier. Using their service, you can integrate Mattermost with over 750 apps as well as software like Google, Zendesk, Twitter, Mailchimp, and more.

Need help with Mattermost integrations?

If your business needs help building or configuring Mattermost integrations, contact our expert team at Brightscout. From deployment all the way through ongoing managed services, we’ll help you get the most out of the Mattermost platform.

What’s your favorite Mattermost integration? Did we miss it? Let us know in the comments below.

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