Web & Mobile UI/UX Visual Design

The look of your mobile app, website, or other digital creation should never be just a “side effect” of other aspects of its design. The visual side of the product is crucial, not only for evoking the right emotions and appealing to users’ aesthetic sense, but also for enhancing and optimizing the usability of the product itself. Brightscout’s team provides highly polished designs that take care of every pixel and every finished design treatment.

Highly Polished Design

The Building Blocks of Your Project’s Visual Impact

Every visual design incorporates the same basic elements – lines, shapes, colors, textures, and typography. The real artistry lies in using these elements so that they complement and support both site/app functionality and your overall brand. Brightscout can juxtapose images, fonts, colors, scale, hierarchy (relative sizes of objects) and contrast to play up the differences between different sections while still offering a unity and consistency of design (also known as Gestalt).

An effective design is a practical design. Our teams of designers and UX experts work together to create the proper synthesis of usability and aesthetics for your project. One critical element of app design, for instance, is maintaining visual simplicity so the user won’t be overwhelmed by cognitive overload or confusing choices. We know how to use white space, lead the eye along the screen, and keep your UI elegant and uncluttered.

Why Choose Brightscout Visual Design?

Elements of Success

The skillful use of basic design elements that enhance and contrast each other.

Aesthetic Appeal

A creative Gestalt of balanced elements, resulting in a clear, unified visual environment.

Form Meets Function

A visual design that supports the intended functionality of your various screens.

Greater Usability

Recommendations on streamlined UI choices for a more satisfying user experience.


Streamlining UI Elements for Greater Ease of Use

As we create a balanced, clear, simple visual design for your website or app, we may introduce ideas for streamlining the user experience as well as the project’s overall look. For example, we may recommend breaking a process into bite-sized chunks to make each screen easier to read. We may also recommend the repeated use of specific images and familiar formats to add consistency to the UX.

Recent Work

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The Brightscout team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile & web projects. From full-pr    oject engagements to à la carte services, we help our clients launch the best projects possible.


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Brightscout provides teams across diverse industries with the tools and insights they need to innovate. Use technology and design to capture value for your customers, drive growth and solve meaningful problems.

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