seek ai


Seek's primary offering is a natural language interface that allows users to interact with data using everyday language. This interface can be integrated with various communication tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and cloud data warehouses. By using Seek, users can ask questions that would typically require the assistance of a data team. We were assigned the responsibility of developing a complete brand identity for the SeekAI product design, encompassing the UX/UI design, starting from the ground up.


The product presented several challenges regarding managing diverse assets' data, displaying their performance, and providing ease of use to users. We meticulously focused on the user experience and explored different approaches to tackle these challenges. By creating clickable prototypes and testing them with potential users, we validated various ideas. Eventually, we identified several refined design flows and visuals that elevated the SeekAI app's appeal, resulting in a compelling product.


Our team recognized the need to develop a cohesive and impactful brand identity to convey the company's innovative technological capabilities and appeal to the target audience. To achieve this, we began our process with several moodboards and visual territories that allowed us to explore various visual styles, color palettes, and typography options aligned with the company's values and vision. In addition to the brand identity, our team also focused on the project's product design and UX/UI elements.


We developed a design system that allowed us to create a consistent visual language across all digital touchpoints, from the website to the mobile app and other marketing materials. We also ensured the user experience was intuitive and easy to use while showcasing the company's innovative capabilities.