Wedge is a mobile first solution that allows its users to purchase fractional shares of stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies and use the real-time gains in the value of those assets for everyday purchases.


The product had a number of complexities around buying and selling different types of financial assets, visualizing the performance of those assets as well as needing the functionality for the user to easily make purchases with those assets. Through meticulous care with the UX and concepting different approaches and then testing and validating those approaches with clickable prototypes tested by potential end users, we landed on a number of elegant flows and visual designs that brought the Wedge app to life and created a compelling product.


We worked closely with the client to gather the initial product requirements and clearly understand the problems we wanted to solve for the Wedge app. Once we had the requirements we turned them into a functional wireframe and clickable prototype to test the usability. After validation of the wireframes, we created hi-fidelity concepts based off of Stylescapes that established the north-star for the product and brand. We then converted all the wireframes to hi-fidelity, created custom illustrations for storytelling through the app and finalized the product Style Guide and Component Library for development hand-off.


Wedge is a trustworthy fintech solution that takes a powerful feature set and delivers it to the end user in an elegant format. Throughout the user journey, users are presented with delightful data visualizations and illustrations that not only solve problems but humanize a product that could feel cold without some of the intentional design decisions that were made.