Sedai seamlessly connects to your cloud and monitoring data, automatically discovers your resources, and intelligently learns and analyzes performance metrics. 

After our first meeting with Sedai we knew we were working with a group of truly talented and collaborative people. Clients that have strong connections to their brand and are open to intense collaboration to achieve a common goal, leave us the most room to create something extraordinary. 

Our final creation contains strong didactic elements that unambiguously convey messages imbued with poetic elements that make the whole less rigid, almost mystical.


Out the gate we knew we were working on an interesting project. The original concept around the name Sedai stems from ​the Wheel of Time series, specifically, a character named Aes Sedai who is considered a healer within the series. The Sedai team resonated with this character as they consider themselves to be healers on the cloud front.

Starting from scratch, we got to work creating moodboards, experimental concepts, logo design, web design, 3D modeling, and 3D animations.


We began the project with a lateral exploration of ideas and moodboards. After evaluating several possible directions. Ultimitely we concluded that Sedai needed strong characterization to be able to portray messages of intelligence and awareness.

As the final product, we created a brand identity design and UI design for the website.


We created an identity for Sedai rooted in intelligence,sophistication, machine learning and AI technology.

The logo started as a simple, geometric shape with a figure of an octopus. This 3D-modeled character is represented throughout the entirety of their identity. Creating a sense of accessibility and curious intelligence.